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Unlock Your Potential with a Paid AscentUP Internship

Kickstart your professional journey with resume-worthy, hands-on experience and support every step of the way.

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Get ahead with career- focused training and real-world internship experience.

Introducing the AscentUP Internship Experience – an exclusive, paid internship opportunity – no experience needed.

This program offers:

Commit 30 hours to a meaningful experience that not only boosts your resume but also amplifies your skill set. Upon internship project completion and fulfilling all program milestones, you’ll earn a $300 stipend. Elevate your career aspirations with AscentUP!

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How it Works?

  • Apply for a paid internship through AscentUP
  • Get Selected
  • Complete Training & Coaching
  • Get Matched with an Internship
  • Work Directly with Chosen Employer
  • Get Paid $300

Apply for an Internship through AscentUP

Start by submitting your short application to get an internship through the AscentUP Internship program. Just fill out a simple application to take the first step towards a world of opportunities.


Get Selected

Be one of the first to submit your application and if your skills and interests align with the projects, we have available, you could be selected. We’re looking for motivated individuals ready to take their careers to the next level. If you aren’t selected immediately, you’ll be placed on our waitlist for potential future openings that align with your interests and skills.

For now, we are offering tech-based internships, but you don’t need to be in tech to get selected! The AscentUP Internship Program offers opportunities for web development, data analysis, data science, digital marketing, design, product management, project management, learning design, software development, IT management, mobile app development, social media management, and digital content creation.


Complete Training & Coaching

Once you're selected, you'll go through a series of targeted training modules and receive one-on-one coaching to prepare you for success in the professional world.


Get Matched with an Internship and Gain Access to Your Internship Portal

With training under your belt, you’ll be placed in a project group and matched with an employer and internship project. You’ll also gain exclusive access to an internship platform, where you’ll engage with your group, your employer, and complete all project work.


Work with Employer on your Internship Project

Collaborate with peers on a group project that challenges you to apply your new skills in a real-world setting, giving you practical experience employers value.


Get Paid $300 for Your Work!

After successfully completing the program and your project, you’ll earn a $300 stipend as a bonus for your hard work and commitment to growing your career.

Unlock Career Growth

Ready to advance your career? Apply now for the AscentUP Intnership Program and gain vital training, one-on-one coaching, and a valuable paid internship experience.

Take your first step towards professional success!

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The AscentUP Advantage



Learners on the AscentUP Platform



Learners using AscentUP report being more prepared for day 1 of their jobs



Grads are underemployed one year post-graduation, dropping by 48.5% for those with internships.



of college students felt their schools failed to fully prepare them for the professional world


The AscentUP Internship Program is designed to provide selected participants with comprehensive career training, coaching, and hands-on internship experience through our AscentUP Platform and a project-based internship.
The program is open to Ascent Borrowers looking to enhance their career prospects through professional development and real-world experience. Priority is given to early internship applicants who demonstrate a strong motivation and readiness for career advancement and whose skills match the projects we have available.
Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. The first 50 applicants whose skills match our projects available will be selected. Applicants not initially selected will be placed on a waitlist for consideration should spots open.
Participants will undergo a tailored training program focused on key professional skills and personal development. It consists of four micro courses. Additionally, one-on-one coaching sessions will provide personalized guidance to help you build the professional skills necessary for success.
Once you complete the initial training and coaching, you’ll be matched with a project group, employer, and project. You’ll also receive credentials to access an internship platform, where your project/internship will be managed.
You'll engage in practical, real-world projects that are designed to challenge and enhance your skills. The projects vary across different industries and will be matched to your interests and the skills you wish to develop.
No, there is no cost to apply or participate. The program is fully funded, aiming to invest in your future success.
While the internship itself is a learning experience and not a paid position, upon successful completion of the program and your project, you will receive a $300 stipend.
To earn the stipend, you must complete all assigned micro-courses, successfully finish your group project, and meet all other program milestones.
Yes, the program is designed to be flexible to accommodate your current commitments. However, you will need to ensure you can dedicate the necessary time to complete the program requirements.

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We’re passionate about supporting professionals on their journey to success and helping organizations provide skills training on the job.